Funny Summy and Frizzy Izzy appear in this creative comedy about a sneaky squirrel that steals Izzy's banana. Featuring hand lettering/calligraphy and original vibrant, colourful art, this adventure about two young girls and their grandmothers will delight ages 2 to 6.


Thea & Julia met in 1983 and practiced law together at Faber Gurevitch Bickman. They loved Lou Faber's poems and thought fondly of him while working on this book. They are fortunate to have granddaughters approximately the same age, and although Summer and Izzy have never met, they both love to read about Summy & Izzy! Julia and Thea worked together on the story and artwork - spending many hours enjoyably creating the backgrounds with alcohol ink and designing the characters and the park. Thea enjoyed handwriting the story which was done with a ruling pen and sumi ink.

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Watch Izzy enjoy a first draft of Summy and Izzy in a Tizzy.


  • Page 28
  • Inside Back Cover

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